Wednesday, April 16 2014


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Priesthood Progression and Blessings (Part 3 of 4)By Larry Barkdull

To unleash the power of the priesthood to obtain that great blessing we must give charitable service—the power to lift, comfort, act for and deliver damaged and hurting souls to Christ. Today we explore charitable service as it applies to one’s priesthood

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Most Current Articles in Church

My Testimony of the Book of Mormon Is Rational

As attacks on the Book of Mormon continue now as they did in 1830, here is why I know my testimony of the Book of Mormon is rational.

By Ashby D Boyle II, JD PhD
Viewing Total Lunar Eclipse and More Evidence against a Prophetic Omen

Are the current group of blood moons together an omen for the future of Israel?

By Ronald P. Millett
Lesson 17
“Beware Lest Thou Forget”

To reinforce and continually nurture Israel's covenantal memory, Moses employed various mnemonic methods throughout the book of Deuteronomy. These tools of remembrance are collected as a whole only within that book, literally making Deuteronomy a how-to h

By Philip Allred
The Big Questions and Little Questions of Life

All of us, at one time or another, are faced with soul-wrenching tragedy in our lives. What are some of these little questions which can become so challenging if asked in isolation of bigger and more important questions?

By L. Edward Brown
She Couldn’t Find the Missionaries

We drove straight to the apartment complex and located the specific building I had seen in my mind. There were a few ways to get to the building, but I then felt impressed that we should take a shortcut.

By Mark Albright
The Geography Debate

What are Mormons like where you live? Are they different than elsewhere?

By Joni Hilton
Beginnings: The Discovery of Nephi’s Bountiful

This is the story of how actual exploration in Arabia trumped armchair critics, revealing one of the most profound vindications of the Book of Mormon yet and shedding new light on Nephi’s account.

By Warren Aston
Are the Four Blood Moons a Significant Last-days Sign?

Next week a total lunar eclipse will occur on the same day as the Jewish Passover on the Hebrew Calendar. Three other lunar eclipses will also closely align during the next two years with the Passover and Tabernacles sacred feast days. Are these signs of

By Ronald P. Millett