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Crave Gourmet Crepes

Crepes are a popular treat the world over. They can come in sweet and savory styles. We share a few of our favorite, and easy to make recipes, from Russia to Idaho Falls.

Simple Fruit Salads

One of the marvels of our time is that we can buy fresh fruit year around. Sometimes not all fruit is available, but there is always enough to make a good fruit salad.

Creative Easter Nest Cupcakes

There is nothing more versatile than cupcakes when it comes to edible décor. I love cupcakes! They can capture birthday party themes, baby genders for showers, wedding colors and of course, holidays.

Gandy Dancers and Caramel Apple Cake

I found an apple cake recipe in an old time cookbook, a heritage recipe. It was a simple recipe baked in a skillet with diced apples scattered over the batter. Maybe it was nostalgia, maybe it was the simplicity of the recipe, but it appealed to me.

Easy Calzone Methods and Recipes

How can one person make 400 calzones? Simplify it, make big batches, and use a dough press. Obviously, this is a great choice when you have to feed your teenagers—and all their friends.

Easy Soups for Supper

It felt like a soup day. We made soups for most of the day in the test kitchen—thick, creamy soups—including chicken and wild rice, bacon and cheese, and cauliflower cheddar.

Strawberry Shortcake Supreme

The other day, I started cruising the web looking for the best, prettiest strawberry shortcakes in the world. I saw a picture of these. I stopped.

Leprechaun Pies and their Cousins

These easy frozen desserts are luscious—too good to enjoy only in March. Change the flavor as the seasons change.

For the Delight of Chocolate Banana Pops

These won’t take long. Just freeze the bananas for a couple hours. You can also freeze, coat, and decorate strawberries.