Thursday, October 02 2014


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Walk Beside Me: A Classical Take on the Children's Songbook

How do you top winning the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Guest Conductor Contest? By recording an album that becomes one of the top three best-selling CDs at Deseret Book in its first week.

By Carolyn Allen
Cartoon: Lively Recipe

Just a little heavy on the...

By Kevin Beckstrom
Cartoon: Piranha

Lessons of obedience...

By Paul Grundberg
Auditions for Mormon Tabernacle Choir Movie Announced

Candlelight Media Group announced that auditions for Singing with Angels will begin with video auditions, which can be submitted from September 8 onward.

The Best Mormon Movies for Mainstream Audiences

You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy Fiddler on the Roof, Catholic to love Rudy, or an evangelical Christian to be a fan of The Blind Side. Similarly, there are films about Latter-day Saints (Mormons) that are simply good movies.

By Jonathan Decker
Don’t Touch That Dial: New TV Your Family Might Enjoy This Fall

The Parent’s Television Council sent special correspondent Christopher Gildemeister to PaleyFest to help families to know what shows might be worth watching this fall.

Backstage Graffiti: Dreams and Abilene

Dreams are funny. But often, as is known by all of you who count Lehi among your friends, dreams can also be religious in nature.

By Marvin Payne
Cartoon: Tigers

When you probably should have just stayed away.

By Paul Grundberg