Tuesday, September 23 2014


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Behind the Scenes at Meet the Mormons By Maurine Proctor

Meet the Mormons opens October 10, beginning in approximately 200 theaters. Opening weekend and first-week sales will largely determine how much farther the movie penetrates the market.

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Most Current Articles in Church

Mormon Temples Currently Under Construction

Counting the Ogden Temple just dedicated, the LDS Newsroom shows the pictures of 15 temples and where they currently are in their construction.

By The LDS Newsroom
BYU electric car breaks 200 mph barrier to set new land speed record

'Electric Blue' now retiring with mark that could stand for long time

By BYU Media Relations
Missionary Moment: He was Killed in a Head-on Collision

When I first met them, they had been meeting with the missionaries for about 2 months. They were the happiest family and were making leaps and strides in the gospel.

By Mark Albright
How to Keep Temple Preparation Going

Most of us, as practicing members of the Church spend a lot of our lives in temple preparation. How do we do it?

By Darla Isackson
15th Anniversary Celebration Concert The Orchestra at Temple Square

The Orchestra at Temple Square will celebrate its 15th anniversary with one of Tchaikovsky’s most beloved works featuring 19-year-old piano prodigy George Li under the direction of acclaimed conductor, Igor Gruppman.

How to Turn off the Worry Faucet

Do you ever wish you could turn off stress and stop worrying? Here’s one way to get a handle on it.

By Joni Hilton
Discrepancies Between Accounts of the First Vision

The real concern isn't about "covering up" the fact that these different accounts of the First Vision exist, but rather what we make of the fact—acknowledged for decades by believing LDS scholars—that there are discrepancies between the accounts.

By Michael R. Ash
Chocolate on my Mind

Sometimes I think I may as well just put “Eat some chocolate” at the top of my daily to-do list and then I’d be sure to get at least one thing done that day!

By Janice Kapp Perry
Who Would you Be Without Fear?

In moments of extreme anxiety about the tasks that are required of you, it is important to stop and ask the question, 'who would you be without fear?'

By Anne Hinton Pratt