Sunday, July 27 2014


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The Best Fiction Books for Summer By Holly E. Newton

Summertime is the best time to relax and pick up a book. What better time is there to while away the hours than reading underneath the shade of a leafy tree? These are the summer's best page-turners perfect for kids ages nine and up.

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Falling to Heaven: Pride in Disguise

Sometimes we can struggle with a pride that masquerades as humility. We notice every personal violation and rather than allow the knowledge of sin to bring us repentantly to Christ, our self-concern causes us to bury our heads in despair.

By James L. Ferrell
Falling to Heaven: Stung by the Truth

Commandments are given to us to awaken us to something—to both a problem and a need. The commandments that are hardest to keep at any particular moment are the ones that are calling us out of our deeper slumbers.

By James L. Ferrell
LDS Fiction: The Quantum Breach

The Quantum Breach by Denver Acey is one of those books that changes the reader's view of computers and social media forever.

By Jennie Hansen
Falling to Heaven: The Big Picture

Why do we need to turn to Christ? And how, exactly, does the gospel invite us to turn to him?

By James L. Ferrell
Run for Your Life—A Tale of Conspiracy and Intrigue

Nominating a new judge squares off against energy interests in Washington DC in this new LDS fiction book.

By Jennie Hansen
America the Beautiful

America's history is full of heroes and important moments. It's also rich with God's blessings as it was saved for these latter days. Here are some books about our great country and some of the events and people that helped shape it into what it is today.

By Holly E. Newton
Falling to Heaven: “The Gift of Guilt”

Think of two people: one who keeps all but one of the commandments, and another who keeps only one: Which of these people is better—in other words, closer to God, to heaven, to salvation?

By James L. Ferrell
LDS Fiction: ‘Counting Candles,’ presents a New George Bailey

Anyone reading Counting Candles is likely to compare it to It's a Wonderful Life, that long time seasonal favorite of an ordinary man who becomes depressed because of his failure to achieve some grand success in life.

By Jennie Hansen
Young Adult Fiction: The Rebel Princess

This fun and completely delightful tale is filled with magic forests and mythical creatures. Author Janice Sperry has created a fresh, delightful book that is sure to become a fan favorite.

By Michele Ashman Bell