Wednesday, August 20 2014


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Books with Pictures Worth Thousands of Words By Holly E. Newton

Picture books can be uplifting, rejuvenating, informative and rich with a message to teach. They are easily accessible and can be read through quickly or slowly if time permits. Here are some of the latest and greatest.

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Most Current Articles in Books

Falling to Heaven: Rules Without Heart

The Lord wishes to bless us and change us. He wants us to pray to him, for example, so that he can speak with us, but what can he do if we are just going through the motions?

By James L. Ferrell
LDS Fiction: When Everything Falls Apart in IMPERFECT LOVE

Imperfect Love by Rebecca Talley tackles several difficult topics related to love; an unequal marriage relationship, poor family relationships, and the challenge of expecting a physically and/or mentally challenged infant.

By Jennie Hansen
Falling to Heaven: The Repentant Path

During a long plane ride a few years ago, I learned a great lesson about how the Lord strips us of pride, and how the resulting guilt turns to our good.

By James L. Ferrell
LDS Fiction: ‘Trouble at the Red Pueblo’ Captures Spirit of the West

Liz Adair's new Spider Latham Mystery, Trouble at the Red Pueblo, captures the mystery and splendor of the red rock country and modern spirit of the west.

By Jennie Hansen
The Turning: Why the State of the Family Matters

"Analysts, data, and statistical packages have made little progress against these scourges (of the family). And they never will because their tools and methods are designed to describe, not explain."

By Richard and Linda Eyre
Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Great Sports Books

Some sports seasons are ending and others are just around the corner. All of these books have sports as their theme and are great for ages nine and up.

By Holly E. Newton
LDS Fiction: ‘Becoming Lady Lockwood,’ Not Your Average Regency

Instead of the balls, season, manners, and emphasis on clothing generally paramount in a Regency novel, Becoming Lady Lockwood takes place primarily aboard a British war ship during the Napoleonic Wars.

By Jennie Hansen
The Best Fiction Books for Summer

Summertime is the best time to relax and pick up a book. What better time is there to while away the hours than reading underneath the shade of a leafy tree? These are the summer's best page-turners perfect for kids ages nine and up.

By Holly E. Newton
Falling to Heaven: Pride in Disguise

Sometimes we can struggle with a pride that masquerades as humility. We notice every personal violation and rather than allow the knowledge of sin to bring us repentantly to Christ, our self-concern causes us to bury our heads in despair.

By James L. Ferrell