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Marcia Hammond Ogden

Meet Author Marcia Hammond Ogden

Marcia Hammond Ogden graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education, served a mission in Spain, then upon her marriage to D. Kelly Ogden, moved to Israel where they lived, worked, and served for BYU and the Church for a span of fourteen years. She gave birth to three of their four children in Jerusalem, qualifying for the title “A Mother in Israel.” Returning to the States, she earned a masters teaching certificate in TESL and taught at BYU’s English language center for several years. From 1997-2000 she accompanied her husband presiding over the Chile Santiago East Mission. She taught Book of Mormon classes as part-time faculty member at BYU for five years, then from 2006-2008 served with her husband presiding over the Guatemala MTC in Central America. She has nine grandsons and no granddaughters! Hobbies are reading, cooking, cross-stitching, family get-togethers, BYU football, politics, and watching news reports.


Author's Published Articles

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