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Janice Kapp Perry
Thursday, March 21 2013

The Holy Ghost: The Power of Personal Promptings

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“We all have the right to inspiration and direction by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost . . . we all live far below our privileges.” (Boyd K. Packer, “A Sure Way to Happiness, Church News, 11 April 1998.)                            

I only began having definite, recognizable experiences with promptings from the Holy Ghost in the last few decades of my life. The first time, it happened quietly but vividly in a way that I could not deny, and I thought, “Wow, so that’s how it feels to receive a personal message from the Holy Ghost!” It was so exhilarating and spiritually satisfying that it prompted me to say an immediate prayer of thanks and to long for other such experiences. After that, I suddenly understood more about how to recognize promptings. In fact as I looked back over my life I felt sure that I had been guided constantly by these quiet impressions without consciously recognizing them for what they were.

As I became more aware, and prepared myself to qualify for such experiences they seemed to happen much more often, or was I just better attuned to them? I began to record them in a special little book so the experiences would not be forgotten.

The March 2013 Ensign magazine published a song of mine, “The Voice of the Spirit,” that I wrote many years ago as I was beginning to better understand the workings of the Spirit. In those lyrics I described the Holy Ghost as “A gentle voice, so still, so small; a voice that hardly can be heard at all; a voice so clear to me, a voice that pierces me to my soul.”  I will include the song and lyrics here in preparation for sharing a few of my experiences with the Spirit—the ones that are appropriate to share. Other, more sacred experiences must just be treasured in my heart.

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The Voice of the Spirit
Words & Music by Janice Kapp Perry
Soloist, Felicia Sorensen

Oh God, my Eternal Father
I long to see Thy face
But a veil was drawn between us
That I might live by faith
And yet I’m very certain
I do not walk alone
For when I seek Thee humbly
Thy wisdom is made known


   The voice of the Spirit comes so quietly
   From deep inside of me, to speak Thy will
   The voice of the Spirit comes as light to me
   Gently reminding me of all that’s real
   A gentle voice so still, so small
   A voice that hardly can be heard at all
   A voice so clear to me, a voice that pierces me
   To my soul

Oh God, my Eternal Father
I long to hear Thy voice
But I left Thy loving presence
And came to earth by choice
And yet I feel Thy guidance
Each time I kneel to pray
Thy kind and caring Spirit
Illuminates my way


   The voice of the Spirit is so sweet to me
   It whispers peace to me thru thoughts divine
   The voice of the Spirit is so real to me
   Truth is revealed to me
   In heart and mind
   A gentle voice, so still so small
   A voice that hardly can be heard at all
   A voice so clear to me
   A voice that pierces me to my soul

The voice of the Spirit is so sweet to me
A voice that teaches me all Thou would have me know

The Holy Ghost speaks to us in so many ways: to confirm testimony, to warn of danger, to give counsel, to give reassurance, to give instruction, to bring things to our remembrance, and even to give counsel for others in our stewardship. As recently as last night I had the perfect experience to illustrate “bringing things to our remembrance.”

Bringing Something to Our Remembrance

As is often the case, I had procrastinated writing my article for Meridian Magazine to the last few days and was desperately trying to decide upon a worthwhile topic. I discarded my first two ideas, then I remembered that my song “The Voice of the Spirit” had just been published in the Ensign. It is a topic that always intrigues me and I decided I would write on that topic and share a few personal experiences. I went to retrieve the little book in which I had recorded such experiences but it was nowhere to be found. I knew it had to be in my studio but I could not find it. I prayed for help in remembering where I had put it. I had had a rather stressful day and my patience was wearing a bit thin so after one hour of searching I felt agitated and began to pray more in the way of telling Heavenly Father I didn’t have much time to write this and I needed to find the book now please. It didn’t happen and I finally gave up, sat back in my recliner and read a few chapters in the Old Testament (my goal for the year). As I read Joshua’s recounting of all the miracles the Lord had performed to bring the children of Israel to Canaan, my heart was finally still and I felt at peace. I offered one more humble prayer, in a completely different spirit, “Heavenly Father, I need that book, please help me to remember where it is.” The answer came to my mind immediately.

I looked at a small magazine rack in front of me which held all of my study materials for a group of children’s songs I am writing about Book of Mormon Heroes, and knew my book was in with those materials. Logically, it shouldn’t have been, but I searched through those materials and found it hidden among them. I said an immediate prayer of gratitude. We must be still to hear the promptings of the Spirit.

Warning Us of Danger

In the early ‘70’s my husband Doug worked at Utah State University in Logan. He was a racquetball champion there and was being groomed to play in the State Championship tournament in Salt Lake City. One day he took time off from work to devote himself to a lengthy and grueling practice session after which he came home complaining of a bad headache. He took a strong pain pill and went to bed to sleep it off. I knew from past experience he wouldn’t awaken for three or four hours.However, about an hour later I heard him call my name urgently. I ran into the bedroom to see what the problem was. He was groggy from the medication but with great  anxiety he said, “Find the boys—something is wrong!” I assured him they were just playing in the yard but he yelled, “Hurry! Please!” This time I ran, searching the yard for them but could not find them.I was becoming alarmed when I heard their voices, but I couldn’t tell where the sound was coming from.


  1. Another great article, Sis! What you said about the inspiration you received in my behalf was exactly true. It really did literally save my life, just as you said in the article. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement I received from reading your words. I sure love my Favorite (and only) Sister, for this and many other reasons. AKA :-)
  2. I love this article, made even sweeter by the comment of your sister! I have a sister too, and love the love we feel between us. Its sweet to see it here too.
  3. Gracias por tu articulo Janice, es genial, saludos
  4. Thank you, Sister Perry, for a beautiful reminder that we need to listen in quiet for the Holy Spirit's whispered guidance. We all need to listen more carefully and act upon those promptings immediately. How grateful I am for this gift.
  5. I write, and the lord approves of it. He also give me a hint now and again (like the broadside of the USS Iowa) as to what should be in the story (and if it is what is needed). I am one chapter away from finishing Three Highland Lads, a story he has particularly focused on (he gave me Doogie, who turned a 12Kword story into a novel). Doogie has a chapter prety much to himself. I didn’t like the first chapter title, and had changed it after I’d finished it. I went to a multi-church choral event Sunday (see for more details). The result is a re-write of that chapter, and a new title. I also tend to write from music, and the songs for the last four chapters changed. The first two are now Amazing Grace, as we are there for “The Hour I First Believed” for Doogie. And “I vow to thee my country” which is an English patriotic song (Yankee Doodle equivalent) May your characters get up off the page and walk away with the story, as you praise the Lord for them doing so! Yours Ed WIlson
  6. With the amazing gift of music and total dedication Janice has been on the Lord's errand her entire life. Her ability is magnified by her humility , The message the sound and the power of her music is truly inspired .Her message is world wide and blesses young and old
  7. Surely your music which has enriched our lives has come from such heavenly inspiration. A wonderful and clear article about this divine gift.
  8. Sister Perry, thank you for this timely article. I will print it and save for future reference. I needed this. Thank you, too, for sharing your gifts of lovely lyrics and melodies. Our lives have been very blessed through your music.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts. It made me reflect and record some of my personal experiences. I loved your personal examples and the points that you brought up. It was very thought provoking. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for sharing your wonderful songs and stories. This on especially touched me as being prompted by the Holy Ghost is just about the most precious experience there is to me and you have reminded me of how to make that happen again. Please keep sharing.
  11. Your experience in the choir...I read in the ensign in 2006 ish..can't remember, ? I didn't know who you were when I read it but the Holy Ghost witnessed to me that what I was reading was true, in my life. ( major things happened for us the following year) . Since reading meridian I know who you are and I didn't realise that article was you!! Sorry. But wanted to say, reading it spoke to me . I didn't have the words, just a strong spiritual impression this was going to happen to us too! Thank you. Pieces now fit together! And if you didn't share it in the ensign someone did who had the same experience!!!
  12. Thank you again, Janice, for a beautiful article and especially for your music. I treasure all you have shared with me.
  13. Your article brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences. I have had moments of spiritual brilliance, but can see that I too can tune my life to listen more intently.

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