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Trisha Manwaring
Monday, April 16 2012

Latter-day Laughs

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Lost in Translation?

I was teaching my 9- to 10-year-old Primary class about Moses.  I told them that Pharaoh had ordered the midwives to kill all the baby boys and keep the girls alive.  The girls in the class were very shocked and sad about this.  One boy argued, "No, they were supposed to kill the girls and keep the boys alive."  I said, "That's not what the scriptures say."  He replied: "Then they wrote it wrong."

Mandy K. Judd

Clermont, Florida


Selective Memory

I once substituted for a Primary class of preschoolers.  The manual suggested I ask each child to tell one wrong thing he or she had done, and then to give each child a Band-aid to symbolize how repentance heals. One child admitted to hitting his brother.  Others confessed not having taken out the trash or sassing their parents.  One little boy vehemently denied having ever done anything wrong, and refused to accept the Band-aid. Immediately the rest of the class turned into "helpers" and shouted, "Oh, yes you have!" and provided abundant examples of his misdeeds.

Joan Leach


Sending the Wrong Message

Several years ago we were preparing to move.  We were sorting our things and boxing up as much as we could before the movers arrived.  My wife went through the stacks of video tapes we had accumulated, and decided to sort them, separating the videos we watched from the videos the children watched.  I don't think she realized what she had done when she labeled several boxes as "Children’s' Videos," and another very large box as "Adult Videos.”

Robert Baxter

Manassas, Virginia


In Jest

One Sunday our High Priests Instructor started his lesson by saying: “Finally, here is a topic I am good at—I am for sure the most humble soul in the neighborhood—and proud of it!"

Howard Lawrence


The Still, Small Voice

I was teaching my Primary class about how the Holy Ghost speaks to us.  "Why do you think the Spirit speaks to us in a still, small voice?" I asked. Whitney put her hand up immediately.  "In case we have an ear infection,” she answered promptly.

Nelene MacLeod

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada



I was tending my 2-year-old granddaughter and just wanted to give her a loving kiss. I told her this and she simply replied: "Where are you going?"

A. Laura Bennett

Grove City, Ohio




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