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Steven Kapp Perry
Friday, March 30 2012

Higher - New Music from Mercy River

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To listen to this week's podcast click here 

Higher - New Music from Mercy River


SKP MercyRiverHigherCoverThe popular all-mom trio, Mercy River, is back with a mix of well-known inspirational music and originals that reflect their own life experiences.

In this audio interview Soni, Brooke, and Whitney talk about the usefulness of onstage humiliation, the good things about surrendering and letting go, plus introduce the LDS market to some of the best contemporary Christian songwriting from recent years.

That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull, be sure and take a listen!



  • Beautiful Life
  • Better Than A Hallelujah
  • It Might Be Hope
  • With Him We Can
  • Change In the Making
  • Love Never Fails
  • Let Go
  • Blessings
  • Beautiful For Me
  • Surrender
  • Just Like A Father Would

 SKP MercyRiverSoni, Whitney, and Brooke, the three women of Mercy River


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