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Erin Ann McBride
Friday, March 09 2012

New Infographic on Mormons

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The LDS Church is the fourth largest Christian church in America. More than half of its 14 million members live outside the United States. Yet despite the faith’s growth and presence, survey results continue to show that relatively few people are familiar with Mormon beliefs. The Mormon Newsroom has created a new 'Mormonism 101' infographic to assist the media around the world understand the Church's teachings.

This new infographic (below) is an excellent missionary tool, easily copied for use on blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media.

This comes on the heels of an announcement last week by the Mormon Newsroom that it will begin to highlight accurate media coverage of the Church. It will also keep a list on the newsroom website of negative or inaccurate articles. The Church is also encouraging members to discuss the accurate (and inaccurate) stories on social media.

mormon infographic


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