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Steven Kapp Perry
Friday, April 15 2011

"Defined by Christ," by Toni Sorenson

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In spite of outward smiles, many people go through the motions attending church, giving service, and nurturing families, while feeling empty, broken, doubtful, and even guilty inside. They tell themselves if they only work harder, they'd somehow earn the blessings of peace, security, and unconditional love they hunger for. 

Using the scriptures, words of prophets, insightful analogies, and stories drawn from poignant personal experiences, best-selling author Toni Sorenson explains that simply by the virtue of being a child of

God, each of us is already loved beyond comprehension, without boundaries or conditions. No matter what our disappointment or failure or loss may be, allowing ourselves to be defined by Christ will lift us out of the darkness and into His light.

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Award-winning LDS author Toni Sorenson with her six children.


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