Saturday, October 25 2014


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Friday, February 15 2013

Five 5 Yr Old Mormon Boys are YouTube Hit

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Lip-synching to the popular song, "You Don't Know You're Beautiful," by One Direction, five 5 year old boys from Arizona have created a fun video- with a little help from their parents.


  1. Smart as it may seem I think that the song is certainly not appropriate for a group of 5yr old boys. Do they know the meaning of the words? A jazzed up "Primary " song would please me much more
  2. SWEET!!!!!
  3. My smile for the day - I hope millions of people see how modest, innocence can still be cool!
  4. Clearly you don't know what the words mean if you feel the need to comment negatively. This is adorable
  5. This is adorable! Cutest pop video I've seen in a looooong time! Thankyou for sharing this with us!
  6. have to agree with Mer ,young boys dressed and moving like a group of boy banders mouthing a pop song has shades of child beauty pagents The words imply a boy girl relationship awareness that it not appropriate for the age group. Have to agree that the children in the group are adorable. and innocent and the adults who put it together probably just having a good time with their kids.I do believe that I and MerAustralia may be coming from a different background than those who think this type of mock grownup behavior is cute. Yes, I do know what the words mean ,all of them and the gestures , clothing and dance style too. I am familar with the orginal production and singer and also aware that this song has been used repeatly recently for videos, flash mobs, etc. I am also aware of the effects of the five minutes of fame and the nature of sociial media. these things all need to be considered before putt ing any video of anyone on the net but especially children, It would have been just as fun for the kids as a family and friends activity. And even better if it had been an orginal effort by the boys.
  7. I don't feel that 5 yr old's should be encouraged to think about or watch for such things as, "why I want you", the way you flip your hair, or boy friend/girlfriends. I think this song like so many of the popular songs sexualize things. Five year old children don't need this inserted into their lives yet they need to be left alone to play ball, play in the dirt, jump rope etc, etc.
  8. They are so sweet.
  9. Wonderful! How cute are they!!! I bet they could have done a better job singing than the band they lip synchd .... Adorable. I loved the ties! Keep it up! The world needs more of that happiness - Especially those folks who disapprove of anything fun and happy!!!!

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