Friday, July 25 2014


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The Best Free Kids’ Outing in Provo Just Reopened By Scot and Maurine Proctor

The Monte L. Bean Life Science museum in Provo is the best place to travel all over the world without leaving home.

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Most Current Articles in Travel

Peru: The Capital of an Amazing Ancient Culture

High in the valleys of the Andes visitors from around the world are able to explore the remains of the Inca civilization created in only 150 years.

By Dian Thomas
Adventures in South Africa

A photographic journey through the wilds of this fascinating country.

By Dian Thomas
Fear Bound in Amsterdam

My first time traveling alone might have been my last. I found I was afraid of everything.

By Dian Thomas
LDS Travelers Can Now Connect with LDS Guides Around the World

Dick Jensen, who got me into the travel business, caught the vision of providing local LDS guides for LDS travelers.

By Dian Thomas
The Worlds Biggest Holiday begins January 31 and end Feb 15

For anyone who has traveled through Asia during the lunar New Year, they will be aware of this huge holiday.

By Dian Thomas
Old China at its Best (Photo Essay)

We took a half-day taxi ride far into the mountains to the Longi Rice Terraces, when I arrived I could not believe what I saw.

By Dian Thomas
Food Creates Special Memories When you Travel

The cuisine is often one of the most exciting and memorable parts of exploring a new travel destination.

By Dian Thomas
Country Life in China

Come to China and get a glimpse in the life of a village mother.

By Dian Thomas
41 Stunning Photos That Went Viral and Deserved It

Sometimes a beautiful photograph can give us a glimpse of a fantastic place we’ve never seen before. Other times it merely gives us a new perspective on a sight we thought was familiar.