Saturday, October 25 2014


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Force of Flight: Ice Skaters feel eight times their body weight when they land a jump By BYU Media Relations

Until now, figure skaters have never been able to get an accurate picture of the impact their leaps put on their ankles and feet. Thanks to a new device they’re developing, two BYU professors are undertaking the challenge of putting hard data on it.

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Most Current Articles in Sport

Noelle Pikus-Pace: Miracles, Medals and Motherhood

I am not even sure where I was this week when Noelle Pikus-Pace won her silver medal, but I can't stop thinking about her victory and her story.

By Michelle Linford
BYU student gives US first World Cup luge win since 1997

Four months after breaking her foot, BYU student and Olympic athlete Kate Hansen stood atop the podium.

By BYU Media Relations
Three LDS Players Shine in Super Bowl XLVII

Three Latter-day Saint players from three different universities won a Super Bowl ring for the Ravens on Sunday, completing the journey every peewee football player dreams of in his backyard.

By Scott Hansen
A Real Cougar Hears from the Greats How to be ‘a Real Cougar’

Being a "real cougar" takes hard work and something "in your heart," BYU greats tell a live cougar in new commercial spots produced by BYU University Communications.

By BYU Media Relations
Southern Virginia University Claims First Men’s Basketball National Championship

For Southern Virginia basketball, reaching the summit was not an easy climb.

By Chris Pendleton
Time Magazine: Is BYU’s Suspension of Brandon Davies Good for College Sports?

Time had praises for BYU’s sticking to its honor code.

Shall the Youth of Zion Falter?: Tragedy in Springville

Following the tragic death of an LDS football player in Springville, Utah, friends rally with faith.

By Kelly L. Martinez