Saturday, October 25 2014


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Addressing Malnourishment among Latter-day Saint Children in Colombia By Robert A. Rees, Ph.D.

I often think of my childhood during the Great Depression when I visit Latter-day Saint congregations in the developing world where conditions are similar to those that I remember from all those years ago.

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Most Current Articles in Meridian Cares

Meridian Cares Update: Liberian Latter-day Saints on Ebola’s Frontline

Latter-day Saints fighting Ebola in Liberia are making progress by sleeping in their cars, traveling long distances and exposing themselves to danger.

By Maurine Proctor
MERIDIAN CARES ALERT: A Letter from Liberia on Latter-days Saints and Ebola

The Ebola virus is spreading in West Africa in one of the largest outbreaks in history. LDS missionaries have all been evacuated but local members are in desperate need of financial assistance immediately. Meridian wants to help.

By Maurine Proctor
Meridian Cares Alert: Largest Fire in Washington State History: Immediate Needs from Meridian Readers

The largest fire in Washington State history is a veritable inferno that has charred more than 380 square miles and displaced thousands. We are asking Meridian readers for immediate help.

By Scot Facer Proctor
Addressing Malnutrition in the Modern Church
The Work of the Liahona Children’s Foundation

You don't think of our own little Primary-age children as being malnourished, but in some countries they are.

By Robert A. Rees, Ph.D.
Join Meridian’s Humanitarian Project for 2014

In 2013 Meridian readers put in a well in Mbele, a Kenyan village, where people were subsisting on one lean meal because they had no water to grow vegetables. Now Meridian announces its 2014 humanitarian project-and we ask you to join. It is bold.

By Maurine Proctor
Reach the Children: A Gift for You Too!

We want to thank Meridian Magazine and all its readers for the miracles that will be created from your generous donations.

By Mary Harris
Reach the Children: My Christmas Dream

Some years ago it was a real possibility that John would not live to see this day, let alone have a chance to go to Secondary School or even to dream of ever going to University, but now John has hope of doing just that.

By Mary Harris
Orphaned and Alone: Keep the Miracles Coming

Each Christmas Meridian Magazine partners with Reach the Children to bring opportunities to our readers to give a gift to a child across the world who is in great need. Read these glimpses into a world where people live much differently than you do.

By Mary Harris
REACH THE CHILDREN by Reaching their Grandparents

Create a Christmas miracle for someone in a developing nation this holiday season.

By Mary Harris