Thursday, July 24 2014


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Ideas and Society

The War on (Unborn) Women By Sutherland Institute

As the argument is spun, the right’s “war on women” oppresses women’s quality of life by opposing proposed liberal policies regarding things like abortion and employee pay, but you must admit the conservative perspective gives all women a chance at life.

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Most Current Articles in Ideas and Society

Overreacting to Losing May Make you Lose Again

That’s one conclusion of a Brigham Young University study published this week by the journal Management Science. The finding is based on an analysis of two decades of data on NBA coaching decisions.

By BYU Media Relations
Journalist praises Mormon singles wards: “We are going to treat you like grownups”

Naomi Schaefer Riley‘s new book Got Religion? looks at one of the big questions of religion today: Why are 20somethings dropping out of religious institutions? One chapter examines how Mormon singles ward help in this challenge.

There’s so much more to caregiving than government ‘support’

Utah ranks dead last in providing government support for family caregivers yet 89 percent of adults with disabilities in Utah are satisfied with their quality of life.

By Paul Mero
Pew Study: How do Americans Feel About Religious Groups?

A new survey from Pew Research explores how Americans view various religious affiliations. The results may surprise you.

Reports Show Alcohol’s Destructive Influence Worldwide

Utah has the lowest number of alcohol-related traffic deaths per capita of all 50 states and ranks at or near the bottom of several other national alcohol-related statistics.

By The LDS Newsroom
States still need their own religious freedom laws

The United States Supreme Court decided an important religious freedom case this week. In a 5-4 decision the court ruled that a privately held corporation is allowed its free exercise of religion.

By Paul Mero
Lest We Forget

As we prepare to celebrate America’s 238th Birthday, let us not forget that it was the prayers of the faithful, their courage, their belief and trust in Almighty God that brought forth and established this great nation.

By Rynna Ollivier
The Blind Spot of Same-Sex-Marriage Advocates

The debate over same-sex marriage has its blind spots – perhaps nowhere more pronounced than the inability of many same-sex marriage supporters to see the rational basis within the state interest over the definition of marriage.

By Paul Mero
The Idea that is Rotting our Brains

“Progressivism” is rotting our brains, and souls are never far behind in the process when brains are rotting. Let me reassure you, I fully recognize that “progress” is by definition a good thing, assuming we define it as “change for the better.”

By Ralph C. Hancock