Sunday, September 21 2014


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Answer Hard Questions? Stand for Marriage and Family by Studying it Out By Cecily Markland

You want to know how to stand up for the family? A Friday conference brings in nationally-prominent speakers to help give the answers.

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Stand for Marriage at Utah Capitol Rally

The Supreme Court just announced that they will decide whether to take up Utah’s final marriage appeal within the month. Please come and join us at a rally for marriage featuring the nation's biggest names in the fight. It's time to take a stand.

By Mary Summerhays
Why Aren’t More Mormons Standing Up For Marriage?

Join us at the Stand for Marriage Rally, Thursday, Sept. 18th at the Utah State Capitol Rotunda at 7:00. States are depending on Utah to defend marriage at the U.S. Supreme Court. We need your support.

By Wendy Asay
Look out! A list of ‘extremists’ and potentially ‘very dangerous’ people at the World Congress of Families

You may have heard a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) spokesman claim on Utah radio that Sutherland Institute will be bringing 3,000 “extremists” and “very dangerous” people to Utah to attend the ninth World Congress of Families (WCF) next year.

By Sutherland Institute
What the 10th Circuit’s Radical Ruling on Marriage Means

What does it mean when the bench can overturn the voters on a question as fundamental as marriage?

By William C. Duncan
How a Telecommunications Giant Aids Sex Trafficking

Corporate America is facilitating sex trafficking. Here's a list of the Dirty Dozen who play their role.

Utah’s Appeal in Same-Sex Marriage Case Lays out Clear Rationale

Utah’s right to define marriage in a way the citizens believe is in the best interest of children and society is defended in a a 120-page appeal submitted to district court.

By Maurine Proctor
Why You Should Stand for Marriage January 28th

All eyes are on Utah to see how we will respond to same-sex marriage being imposed on us. Do citizens care that we have been vetoed from the bench? Will we arise to protect one of the most foundational rocks of society?

By Maurine Proctor
Sign the Petition to Stand for Traditional Marriage

If you believe that marriage between a man and a woman is critical to the happiness and well-being of our nation, sign this petition. You can make your voice heard at this crossroads for Utah and for the nation.

By Maurine Proctor
Sen. Lee: Churches Should Not Be Forced to Perform Gay Marriages

Sen. Mike Lee introduced a bill in the Senate Dec. 12 called the “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act.” The bill would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from denying tax-exempt status to any person or group that refuses to perform gay marriages.