Wednesday, August 20 2014


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Why LDS People Should Network (And How To Succeed) By David Bradford, LDS Entrepreneur, Investor and CEO

Sharing the secret to successful networking in an increasingly network-based world.

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Most Current Articles in Business

Ministry of Business Launches Young Adult Leaders

How do young adults find the right mentors? What difference will they make? Mentors carefully matched with Launching Leaders participants are not just together for the course, but for life.

By Steven A. Hitz
Talk-Friendly: Put Your Best Voice Forward

Effective conversation is a lot like collaborating on a jigsaw puzzle. Each person’s perspective adds to the whole. This is made possible by dialogue.

By Rodger Dean Duncan
Change-friendly Leadership

The better we are able to manage change, the more likely we are to increase the benefit and mitigate the risk.

Capital Fuels the Future: The Challenge of Entrepreneurship

Former presidential advisor, Larry Eastland, talks about the power of innovation in making our country great and the challenges entrepreneurs place in the current climate.

By Larry L. Eastland, Ph. D.
BYU Prof’s New Book and Forbes Article Tell How Everyone Can Innovate Like the Best

In their book, Jeff Dyer and his coauthors authors answer the question, “Can innovation skills be learned?” with a resounding yes, and prescribe specific steps to develop the crucial ability.

By BYU Media Relations