Wednesday, August 20 2014


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The Importance of Revaluing the Family By Richard and Linda Eyre

We believe that turning our hearts toward our families and re-enshrining family as the crux of our culture is the only alternative to society’s demise. Although this may sound extreme, it is not. Let me explain.

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Most Current Articles in Society

Women Far More Silent Than Men on School Boards

New book shows what’s lost when men dominate conversation.

By BYU Media Relations
Make Marriage Easy to Break, and Guess What?

If you make something easy to break, it gets broken. This is self-evident. It’s why poorly made toys break more often and poorly made clothes shrink, tear and wear out more easily.

By Paul Mero
Cisgender Heteronormative Created He Them?

If important words lose meaning, so do the concepts for which they stand.

By Gary C. Lawrence
About That Food Storage You Thought You Owned

“Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool.” The scope of a new executive order and how it may affect you personally.

By Gary C. Lawrence
If the Wizarding World of Harry Potter were Full of Mormons

Mormons on twitter have recently popularized the #MormonHarryPotter hashtag to explore what it would like if the missionaries had ever found success at Hogwarts and Privet Drive.

CEOs who use violent rhetoric cut themselves off at the knees

New resarch shows violent rhetoric affects employee ethics.

By BYU Media Relations
What is marriage – and why is it a matter of public policy?

In his incisive prepared message and in the extended Q&A with conference participants, Anderson presented respectful, cogent arguments that elevated the dialogue in this very challenging contemporary issue.

By Sutherland Institute
JK Rowling Sends Cassidy Stay Letter of Comfort from Dumbledore

Cassidy Stay, the fifteen-year-old lone-survivor of the July 9th murder of her parents and four siblings, garnered national attention and the attention of J.K. Rowling with her remarks that included a quotation of comfort from Dumbledore.

Vacationing with a Purpose

I have been on the road for thirty-plus years and have never lost a pound while traveling. My biggest worry whether I am on a business trip or a vacation is how much weight I will gain.

By Dian Thomas