Monday, October 20 2014


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So What Do We Do Now?By Gary C. Lawrence

The world is run by those who show up, such as the senior citizen who walks into the fire station every Tuesday and asks, "Got anything I can vote on today?"

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Take the long view of Supreme Court’s (non)decision on marriage

Defenders of marriage will, and should, support the states still defending their marriage laws in other lawsuits.

By William C. Duncan
Shark Tank Strikes Deal with Mormon Father-Son duo

Father-son entrepreneurs Brian and Noah Calhoon appeared this Friday on the ABC show “Shark Tank,” to pitch their business Paper Box Pilots.

The Relationship Between Politics and Covenants

The founding fathers of America devised a unique or exceptional form of government which encourages people of faith to participate in the political process while protecting us from a state instituted church.

By Mike Mansfield
Be ‘warriors’ for social justice, Mike Lee and Arthur Brooks urge S.L. audience

"If you believe in fighting to improve life for poor and middle-class families, you cannot believe that trimming a hedge is less valuable than managing a hedge fund."

By Pamela Whitmore
Into the Mystical Highlands of Peru

For many years, I have been amazed to travel and learn more about the cultures of the world, but Peru is one of the most fascinating places that I have ever traveled.

By Dian Thomas
Profanity for “Educational Reasons”

When Andy Napper's 13-year-old daughter came home from school with a permission slip to say that she would be reading a book with some swearing in it, he thought that it couldn't be too bad if it was from school, but decided to ask for a copy anyway.

By Franz Sidney
What Happened? The Supreme Court Refuses to Hear the Marriage Cases

It was widely believed the Court would accept Utah’s petitions so they could settle the legal dispute they themselves had created.

By William C. Duncan
America: Great Promise, Terrible Curse

If there is one thing that will do more to destroy America than anything else, it is not worshipping Jesus Christ as the God of the land.

By Gary C. Lawrence
Opinion: Is This the King They’ve Been Waiting For?

Two types of leaders fundamentally transform the societies they lead – great statesmen and great tyrants.

By Gary C. Lawrence