Saturday, October 25 2014


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ASK DR. LAURO: Lesser Known Risks of Carbonated DrinksBy Dr. L. William Lauro, M.D.

We all know caffeine is bad for us, but what about soda pop in general? Dr. Lauro explains some of the lesser known risks with carbonated drinks.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

What's the verdict on hormone replacement therapy for post-menopausal women? Consensus has changed.

By Dr. L. William Lauro, M.D.
Diet : The Skinny on Fats

Now that Dr. Gardner has tackled carbs, he's moved on to fats. Not to worry, fat it turns out, is essential to good health.

By Stan M. Gardner MD, CNS
The Word of Wisdom and Dietary Meat

Eat meat sparingly? There is sound science to suggest why this is wise advice.

By Mark Edmond Rampton
"Overcome Childhood Hurt To Thrive"

To one degree or another, we all are victims of childhood hurt. But, how do we deal with those wounds as adults?

By Terra Wellington
Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is the second most lethal cancer in America and afflicts men and women equally. Screening for this deadly disease can save your life.

By Dr. L. William Lauro, M.D.
"Winning 2003 Cookbooks: Practical, Easy, Healthy"

Looking for those cookbooks that offer healthy recipes yet practical advice? Here are Terra's 2003 picks.

By Terra Wellington
You and Your Healthy Thinking

Stan gets personal and answers some of your specific questions about healthy living.

By Stan M. Gardner MD, CNS
Create Happy, Enjoyable Holiday Giving

It is a lesson we all know, but sometimes hard to learn. Gifts are not about money, but about love.

By Terra Wellington
Miracles and Healings

When God heals us, does he use our natural processes of healing, or does he cause something to happen akin to changing water to wine?

By Mark Edmond Rampton