Wednesday, September 03 2014


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World News Articles for Wednesday, September 03 2014
World News
Saudi Arabia Arrests 88 Terrorism Suspects

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested 88 people on suspicion of planning to carry out terrorist attacks both in the kingdom and abroad, the Ministry of Interior said on Tuesday, as worries escalated in the Gulf nation over the advance of Islamic State rebels in neighboring Iraq.

More than 1 million Ukrainians displaced by conflict: UNHCR

More than one million people have been displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, including 814,000 Ukrainians now in Russia with various forms of status, the UNHCR United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday.

Airstrike in Somalia by U.S. Forces Targets Shabab Leader

For nearly a decade, the United States has been trying to fight the Somali Islamist group known as the Shabab, using everything from its African allies and economic sanctions to American missile strikes and commando raids.

Missing Libyan jetliners raise fears of terror attacks on 9/11

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and Western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.

U.S. military dependence on Russian rocket engines raises security concerns

The rising tensions with Russia over its aggression in Ukraine is creating national security concerns inside the Pentagon, where the military’s largest satellite program is reliant on a rocket engine produced by Moscow.

Tropical Storm Dolly moves ashore in Mexico

Tropical Storm Dolly moved ashore late Tuesday and soaked Mexico's Gulf coast, where authorities suspended school classes and readied shelters.

Fire fountains, huge steam plumes rise from Iceland lava eruption, seismic activity calms down

Experts say the seismic activity near the Bardarbunga volcano on Iceland is calming down while tall fountains of fire and lava continue to lick the air along a volcanic fissure, producing a huge plume of steam and gas.

Germany opens memorial to Nazis' disabled victims

Germany on Tuesday inaugurated a memorial to more than 200,000 people with physical and mental disabilities killed by the Nazis after their lives were deemed "worthless."