Friday, October 24 2014


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World News Articles for Friday, October 24 2014
World News
Nato jets 'intercept Russian spy plane' over Baltic

A Russian spy plane has been intercepted by Nato jets over the Baltic Sea, the alliance says, amid heightened tensions in the region.

US returns smuggled ancient artefacts to Peru

The US has returned about 20 ancient artefacts - some more than 1,800 years old

ISIS Inc.: US official reveals how terror network makes its millions

Islamic State militants are amassing a fortune through their web of criminal activity, including earning roughly $1 million a day from oil smuggling alone, according to a Treasury Department official who on Thursday provided unprecedented details about the illicit financial network.

Thousands of Iranians Take to Streets in Protest at Wave of Acid Attacks

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the parliament building in Tehran, and thousands more in Isfahan City, where at least six women are believed to have suffered acid attacks in the last few weeks.

Islamist preacher rejects link to Ottawa shootings, warns of threat to Britain

Britain's most high-profile Islamist preacher rejected suggestions on Thursday he had influenced the man believed to have shot dead a soldier in Ottawa, but warned there could be similar attacks in Britain from angry radicalized Muslims.

China Seeks Closer Military Ties with Iran

China wants to have closer military ties with Iran, the Chinese defense minister told the visiting head of the Iranian navy on Thursday, state media reported, reaffirming diplomatic links despite controversy over Iran's nuclear plans.

Islamic State militants allegedly used chlorine gas against Iraqi security forces

11 Iraqi police officers were rushed to a government hospital 50 miles north of the capital last month. The diagnosis: poisoning by chlorine gas. The perpetrators, according to the officers: Islamic State extremists.

Venezuela seizes warehouses packed with medical goods, food

President Nicolas Maduro's government said on Thursday it had taken over warehouses around Venezuela crammed with medical goods and food that "bourgeois criminals" were hoarding for speculation and contraband.

Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister: ‘We will not be intimidated … never’

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper reacted to the terrorist storming and shooting of a war memorial and then Parliament with a blunt, aggressive message: This nation will not bury its head.

UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to EU

The UK has been told it must pay an extra £1.7bn (2.1bn euros) towards the European Union's budget because of the country's relative economic health.

China Moves to Reinforce Rule of Law, With Caveats

Communist Party leaders, seeking to address widespread dissatisfaction with China’s politicized and corrupt judiciary, endorsed a raft of legal changes on Thursday to foster a more predictable legal system while keeping the courts under the firm control of the party.