Monday, September 22 2014


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Health News Articles for Monday, September 22 2014
Health News
After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill From Doctor He Didn’t Know

Before his three-hour neck surgery for herniated disks in December, Peter Drier, 37, signed a pile of consent forms. A bank technology manager who had researched his insurance coverage, Mr. Drier was prepared when the bills started arriving: $56,000 from Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, $4,300 from the anesthesiologist and even $133,000 from his orthopedist, who he knew would accept a fraction of that fee.

Antidepressant SSRI seen changing human brain architecture very fast in limited study

Some antidepressants, although they may take weeks to provide improvements apparent to patients, are capable of altering the architecture of the brain within a matter of hours, a study suggests.