Thursday, October 02 2014


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Health News Articles for Thursday, October 02 2014
Health News
Four Deaths Are Linked to a Respiratory Illness

At least four people have died after contracting a severe respiratory illness that has spread to more than 40 states, public health officials announced on Wednesday.

Ebola Vaccines Are Being Expedited

International experts want a fully tested and licensed Ebola vaccine scaled up for mass use in the near future, according to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) meeting.

U.S. has only jet to transport Ebola patients safely

As the Ebola virus spread quickly across parts of Africa in March, U.S. officials confronted a logistical nightmare: a complete lack of infrastructure in affected regions, no evacuation plans and air charter services that were unable or unwilling to fly into the region to transport seriously ill patients.

How Dallas schools are coping with parents' fears over Ebola case

Five Dallas schoolchildren are believed to have come in contact with the man being treated for the first known US case of Ebola. The children are not exhibiting any symptoms of the disease, the Dallas Independent School District superintendent said.