Tuesday, October 21 2014


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Business News Articles for Tuesday, October 21 2014
Business News
IBM Earnings Doom The Server Business And Maybe The Company, But Wall Street Still Won't Call For Selling Shares

Conventional wisdom says public companies release their earnings numbers before the bell if the news is good and after the bell if the news is bad. The former supposedly gives the market a reason to buy and the latter gives the market time to reconsider before possibly selling. But if that’s the case, why did IBM IBM -7.11% yesterday move what most of us now consider bad news (sales down and earnings down, too) from after the bell to before? To my view it can only be lunacy in the IBM executive suite. They had to have thought their spin machine could make bad news look good, but it doesn’t.

IPhone 6 Recharges Apple’s Growth

A year ago, the story line around Apple Inc. was that its formidable growth had petered out and Samsung Electronics Co. was eating its lunch. What a difference a year makes.

Facebook Sues Lawyers for Allegedly Contributing to Fraud

Facebook Inc. and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg filed suit against several attorneys Monday, claiming they helped perpetuate a fraud against the social network and its founder.