Monday, October 20 2014


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First Line News Articles for Monday, October 20 2014
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Military Prepares 30-Person Ebola Team For U.S.

The U.S. military is forming a 30-person medical team to prepare to respond to additional cases of Ebola in the United States, the Pentagon announced Sunday.

ISIS Retreats From Besieged Syrian City

The Syrian city of Kobani, just across the border from Turkey, breathed easier Thursday as U.S. coalition airstrikes helped dislodge jihadist fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) from several neighborhoods.

Supreme Court Allows Texas Voter ID Law to Stand Ahead of Midterms

The Supreme Court decided Saturday that Texas can enforce its controversial voter identification law in November’s midterm elections, despite recently blocking several similar laws in other states.

Former Iraqi pilots training ISIS fighters to fly captured Syrian jets, rights group says

ISIS could be soon taking its terror fight to the sky, after a report that former Iraqi pilots are training Islamic militants to fly captured Syrian war planes.

LDS Church releases video, topic page discussing temple garments

In a video, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seeks to take some of the mystery out of temple garments and temple robes, explaining the clothing's role as sacred religious vestments similar to a nun's habit, the Jewish prayer shawl, the Muslim's skullcap, and the saffron robes of the Buddhist monk.

Mormon Media scholars discuss church and media intersection

Mormon Media scholars held their third annual Mormon Media Studies Symposium Friday, discussing topics ranging from popular culture to historic and modern LDS Church portrayals in the media.

'Become the message': Elder Perry speaks at banquet for the New York LDS Professionals Association

Members should not depend on social media alone to spread the gospel message, said Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.“Our goal as people is to become the message that we are spreading,”

'Meet the Mormons' is launched at 300 theaters

“Meet the Mormons,” the Church’s first venture into showing a motion picture in commercial theaters, premiered Oct. 7, at a theater in Sandy, Utah, and was released Oct. 10 at some 300 theaters in 45 states.

An LDS missionary and a Marine: Twin brothers have surprise meeting in Atlanta airport

Del and Don Gull have been there for each other through it all. But when Del joined the military and Don decided to serve an LDS mission, the brothers had to find a different way to support each other.

Jenna Kim Jones: The new, cool face of Mormonism

Flashback nine years ago: Jenna Kim Jones, 18 years old, fresh out of Timpview High School in Provo, Utah, is standing in a New York University dorm room in the heart of Greenwich Village with a crowd of newly arriving freshman girls when one of them, the extrovert, the one who’d play Rizzo in “Grease,” announces, “You guys, I just learned there’s a Mormon girl in this building!”

Indianapolis Indiana Temple

A new addition to the under-construction Indianapolis Indiana Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in place.

Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, some leave early

President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, though the event was marred somewhat by early departures of crowd members and a yelling heckler.

Police find human remains in search for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham

Police say human remains found Saturday in Virginia could be those of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham – who was last seen on Sept. 13

N.H. police restore calm after pumpkin festival dissolves into riot

Police arrested at least 49 people as thousands of revelers in Keene, N.H. threw objects at police dressed in riot gear, overturned cars, and climbed on top of roofs, Saturday.

Strict rules govern service contractors for illegal immigrant children

Want to bid for a contract to care for the illegal immigrant children coming across the border? Make sure your staff members get Hepatitis vaccines and regular TB tests and can speak foreign languages — probably Spanish but maybe Mandarin, suggesting a surprising number of the children are coming from China.

To spank or not to spank: Corporal punishment in the US

A pro football player uses a switch on his child, and an American cultural divide between races, regions, and religions is exposed.

US airdrops arms, ammunition to Kurds fighting ISIS in Kobani

The U.S. military said late Sunday that it had dropped weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to Kurdish forces battling to hold the Syrian border town of Kobani against Islamic State militants.

Old rivalries keeping Turkey on sidelines of Syria fight, analysts say

Old geopolitical rivalries are throwing a wrench into U.S. efforts to bring Turkey on board with the mission to "degrade and destroy" the Islamic State in a Syrian border town.

Shiite and Kurdish Iraqi cabinet members sworn in

In an effort to lay a stronger political foundation to counter the Islamic State, the Iraqi parliament approved a Sunni Muslim as defense minister, and a Shi'ite as interior minister. Six Kurdish members of the cabinet were also sworn in.

Pope Francis allows Sistine Chapel to be rented out for private corporate event

Pope Francis has for the first time allowed the Sistine Chapel to be rented out for a private corporate event, with the proceeds to go to charities working with the poor and homeless.

Catholic bishops scrap welcome to gays in sign of split

Catholic bishops scrapped their landmark welcome to gays Saturday, showing deep divisions at the end of a two-week meeting sought by Pope Francis to chart a more merciful approach to ministering to Catholic families.

Hawaii in path of Tropical Storm Ana, could be second landfall for Big Island this year

Tropical Storm Ana formed in the central Pacific ocean on Monday — the first tropical storm to develop in the central Pacific basin in 2014 — and it appears to be on track to make landfall on, or at least pass closely by, the Big Island of Hawaii.

Tropical Storm Brings Manila to Standstill

The worst flooding to hit Manila this year brought the city of 12 million to a standstill on Friday, killing at least one person and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of others.

Hong Kong protests: Why is Mong Kok important?

Student leaders in Hong Kong are calling on supporters of the ongoing pro-democracy movement there to resist using violence when confronting police.

U.S.-led air strikes in Syria killed 10 civilians

U.S-led forces which are bombing Islamic State militants in Syria killed ten civilians in two recent air strikes, a group monitoring the violence said on Saturday.

Sweden Extends Naval Operations to Confirm Underwater Intrusion

Sweden will continue with naval operations in the Stockholm archipelago as it seeks to confirm an underwater intrusion from a foreign power after separate sightings over the past three days.

Widodo’s Inauguration as Indonesia’s President Draws Thousands

Thousands of Indonesians thronged the streets Monday as daylong festivities began for the inauguration of a former furniture seller, Joko Widodo, as the seventh president of the world’s third-largest democracy.

Roadside bomb kills 7 in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

A roadside bomb in Egypt's restive northern Sinai province hit an army vehicle on Sunday, killing 7 troops including two officers and seriously wounding six others, officials said.

Why Apple Pay May Be the Company’s Most Challenging Move Yet

Our smartphones have already become our de facto camera, music player, navigational device and personal assistant. Now Silicon Valley wants to make them our wallet, too.

Teal pumpkins signal safe Halloween treats for kids with allergies

Halloween can be scary for children with severe food allergies. But this year families in Chicago and beyond are reaching out to kids who can't eat peanuts, milk or other common allergens by putting a teal-colored pumpkin on their front porches as a signal that they are handing out treats that are safe.

Top-secret space plane lands on California coast

A top-secret space plane landed Friday at an Air Force base on the Southern California coast.

Comet avoids hitting Mars but makes astronomical history

A glowing comet barreled past Mars at some 126,000 mph today, its core of ice and dust barely missing the Red Planet and Mars's flotilla of costly scientific spacecraft.

Travel Ban Over Ebola May Bring Other Troubles

The U.S. government has options for restricting travel from the West African nations suffering most from Ebola, but none would fully prevent the virus from entering the country and all would bring complications, health experts said.

Spanish Ebola nurse appears clear of disease, says government

The Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for two infected priests in a Madrid hospital, becoming the first person to contract the virus outside West Africa, appears to have overcome the deadly disease, the government said on Sunday.

Fauci tries to calm US after missteps on Ebola, amid concerns Americans have lost faith

America’s top infectious disease expert on Sunday again acknowledged that the safety protocols used for the country’s first Ebola patient were inadequate and that the Obama administration overstated the country’s readiness for the deadly virus, amid concern that Americans have already lost faith in the government.

Beijing Marathon runners wear masks to combat smog from pollution

Despite heavy pollution blanketing Beijing on Sunday, an international marathon went ahead, with face masks and sponges among the equipment used by competitors to battle the smog.

U.S. economy again drives global growth as top rivals falter

After a long, slow convalescence from the Great Recession, the U.S. economy has emerged this year as a major force for global growth for the first time in a decade, even as some of its top rivals struggle.