Saturday, October 25 2014


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Your Hardest Family Question: How do I move on from a lost relationship? By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT

How do you get over a past relationship with someone you love that doesn't love you back, while still having to work with and be involved in their life?

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Four Lies Singles Shouldn’t Believe

If you're single and wondering why, these should not be part of your reasoning.

By Erin Ann McBride
A Singular Experience for Singles

They just wanted to plan one amazing trip that could also be a service opportunity, but it turned into something so much bigger.

By Mariah Proctor
Summer Romance: A Good Idea?

Why not engage in a deep, passionate relationship with the boy that is only in town until he returns to school, why not enjoy, for a moment, a relationship that is totally impractical?

By JeaNette Goates Smith
Unraveling the Allure of “Bad Boys”

Whether it’s art imitating life or vice versa, society at large seems to agree with a prevalent theme of pop culture: nice guys and good girls are boring, while bad boys and "girls gone wild" are attractive and exciting.

By Jonathan Decker
Praying for the One: You’re Doing It Wrong

What do church leaders say about finding your soulmate?

By Erin Ann McBride
Your Hardest Family Question: I’m afraid of commitment

I don't know why I'm afraid to be in a relationship. I want one but when it's time to get serious I get so scared. I want to be happy with someone, but it's hard for me to commit.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
A Love Letter to the Single Men

Please accept the following as my love letter, my second voice to back up the words of an apostle, in hopes that it will further encourage the men to date more.

By Erin Ann McBride
Singly Minded

The truth is, married or single, we’re still one. We will work out our individual salvation, we will stand before the judgment bar of God, alone. Even temple work is done as one, alone.

By Beth W. Cole
Pushing Up Daisies Alone

I have to get married. Why? Because I'm no longer eligible to be buried in the family cemetery. I need a new family who still has room in the graveyard for one more person.

By Erin Ann McBride