Thursday, April 17 2014


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Pushing Up Daisies AloneBy Erin Ann McBride

I have to get married. Why? Because I'm no longer eligible to be buried in the family cemetery. I need a new family who still has room in the graveyard for one more person.

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Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Life

Thirty years ago when I attended Brigham Young University people teased me mercilessly, claiming I was only going there to get my MRS degree. I claimed my motive was more academic.

By JeaNette Goates Smith
How to Fellowship the Singles

Walking into church week after week not sure who you’re going to sit with while observing a sea of heads resting on shoulders and hands being held can immediately make a single feel like the odd man out.

By Erin Ann McBride
Not All Knights in Shining Armor Ride White Stallions

I pride myself on being a fairly self-sufficient individual. But even the best laid plans of a determined, fiercely independent woman sometimes things go awry.

By Erin Ann McBride
8 Ways to Make Someone Like You

People will do the darnedest things to get someone to like them. Here are eight ways to make someone like you that may just work for you.

By Andy Proctor
The State of the Mid-Singles Program

The mid-singles program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is still in its infancy. There are now 15 official “mid-singles” wards across the U.S, with wards as large as 800 attendees.

By Erin Ann McBride
Your Hardest Family Question: I’m striking out with online dating

I have been seeing a man I met online for five months now. He came on extremely strong and then started disappearing for a few days to even weeks at a time.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
Avoiding Abusive Relationships (and Building Good Ones)

As a certified instructor of this “No Jerks” class, allow me to offer four keys to help the never-married, the divorced, the widowed, and the struggling to date with confidence and caution, but without fear.

By Jonathan Decker
10 Ways to Have a More Meaningful Conversation (and Get a Date)

Throw out the three go-to questions, learn the following ten ways to improve your conversations, and learn the three magic words nearly guaranteed to get you a date, and we’ll all enjoy much happier singles lives!

By Erin Ann McBride
A YSA Bishop Talks to the Sisters About Intimacy

Counsel for young single adult women on presenting themselves and the subject of intimacy.

By Larry L. Eastland, Ph. D.