Saturday, October 25 2014


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What old movies to show and NOT to show your kids By Margaret Anderson

Like many of you, Friday night is our family movie night. I make a pizza, a huge bowl of popcorn, then flop down on the couch with the kids after a long, harried week, grateful the Saturday morning chores are still a good 12 hours away.

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The Magic 8 Ball of Parenthood

My children have a new Magic 8 Ball of sorts. Their baby brother can now officially talk and he knows two words and two words only. The curt “Ya” and a long drawn out “Nooooooooo.”

By Margaret Anderson
Punctuating Parenthood

“So, how was your trip to California? Did ya have fun?” “Not really,” he mumbled. “My back got burned!!” and in a flourish, he whipped off his shirt to reveal the peeling remnants of his clash with the California sun.

By Margaret Anderson
Say Yes to the Mess

I’ve decided to make my peace with the fact that our couch cushions will continue to spend an equal amount of time strewn across our carpet than squarely where their craftsmen intended.

By Margaret Anderson
From Anger to Bliss in Two Seconds Flat

All little boys love to wrestle. My boys are no different. They are a constant whirling tangle of limbs and machismo, peppered with laughter, sometimes drenched in tears, and for reasons not quite grasped, always thirsty for more.

By Margaret Anderson
Weighing in on New Year’s Eve. Literally.

The living room looks so much larger without the tree. And yet it doesn’t feel “back to normal.” It feels as if it’s waiting for a new chapter.

By Margaret Anderson
My Kindergartner Became a Deacon

Confession: I tailed the school bus all the way to campus on my oldest child’s first day of kindergarten.

By Margaret Anderson
Help, My Two-Year-Old is Acting TWO!

My little girl-so-cute is two. Very two. Of the scream-hit-kick variety. The kind of two that makes playgroup end early and five year olds cry.

By Margaret Anderson
What’s your favorite sound?

Finally a moment of peace and quiet and all I could think about were the sounds I missed hearing.

By Margaret Anderson
Is “Crap” a Swear?

Classifying bad words and choosing your battles.

By Margaret Anderson