Thursday, April 24 2014


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Healthy Living

Spring Clean II: The House of Your HeartBy Carolyn Allen

If the Savior came to your house, would you welcome Him in? Here’s how to find out what your clutter is telling you and a beautiful guide to create a celestial home.

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Most Current Articles in Healthy Living

Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Discovering Joy!

My understanding of the Word of Wisdom has been transformed. I have discovered there is so much more to this wise counsel than I had ever learned in Primary. As a result, I have also discovered the joy of fully embracing all of God’s counsel.

By Jane Birch
Itch? Eczema? Aging Skin? LDS Doctor Finds Revolutionary New Skincare Solutions

If given her choice of a recreational activity, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting wouldn't choose skiing or biking. No, she’d curl up with a chemistry article and lose herself in a discussion of lipids or pH in skin health. Her love of science may change your life.

My Journey Back to Health

I was horrified to learn I weighed 320 pounds. I had so much pain and sadness. How could I, a disciplined, hard-working person, have let my body get into this shape?

By Dian Thomas
Conference Weekend: The Best Spring Clean Ever!

Will the messages of April Conference change your life? Here’s a dynamic way to make the most of the next six months, ‘til we meet again in October, just 26 weeks, 182 days, 4,368 hours and 262,080 minutes away.

By Carolyn Allen
Dear Glenn Beck

Was Glenn Beck poisoned? Meridian’s Health Living columnist adds her thoughts to the LDS broadcaster’s news. Today’s article includes 10 simple ways we can all be healthier with the poisons that surround us.

By Carolyn Allen
Sweets and Sweeteners: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Beyond the fact that there is no nutritional value in sugar (no vitamins, minerals, fiber), what else is bad about it? We'll review the various types of sweetener that are available, and discuss each one.

By Stan M. Gardner MD, CNS
“Returned With Honor” Five Questions To Ask Yourself Today

Needing some oomph and focus on making health a priority? Here are five questions to make it important today!

By Carolyn Allen
Understanding Health: “Clear As Mud”

The Savior had the best homeopathy remedy of all! It's easy and delightful to apply this today to your life, your heart, and your health.

By Carolyn Allen
When the Student is Ready: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

Want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently? How about losing pounds and inches? Today’s article includes my 84 day challenge along with 5 great ways to enjoy oatmeal!

By Carolyn Allen