Friday, October 24 2014


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A Woman's Story of Overcoming Bipolar Disease without Meds

Aspen Morrow was suffering from the devastating effects of bi-polar disease and the meds which gave crippling side effects when she discovered the answer that would give her back her life.

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Most Current Articles in Healthy Living

Discovering the Word of Wisdom: What about Alternative Health Products?

If anything we owned was not working, would we ignore the owner’s manual? What does it say about us if we chase after all kinds of health answers before we’ve embraced the counsel the Lord has already given us?

By Jane Birch
Too Much Candy at Halloween? We Have Healthy Alternatives

Candy, Candy, Candy! It's what Halloween is all about ... or is it? We check in with the pros and provide some fun and healthy Halloween treats for you and yours.

By Carolyn Allen
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: What about the Experts Who Disagree?

There are so many diets and so many experts who claim they have “the truth,” and none of them seem to agree. With all the confusion, how can we trust one particular diet is better than the rest?

By Jane Birch
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: The Evils and Designs of Conspiring Men

If it is so clear what we should and should not be eating for the best of health, why don’t all the experts make that plain?

By Jane Birch
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: We are Not Very Different from the Early Saints!

I find the history of the Word of Wisdom interesting in light of the parallels between (1) how the early Saints viewed the Word of Wisdom prohibitions before they were mandated, and (2) how the Saints today view the rest of counsel in D&C 89, which is lik

By Jane Birch
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Why the Preoccupation with the Prohibitions?

Learning to obey the prohibitions in the Word of Wisdom may only be a first step for Latter-day Saints.

By Jane Birch
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: LDS Leaders on the Word of Wisdom

Of course, Church leaders have spoken on many aspects of the Word of Wisdom beyond the well-known prohibitions. Here are some excerpts of the things they have said.

By Jane Birch
Word of Wisdom: Why Aren’t We Told How to Eat?

If the dietary principles (the ‘Dos’) in the Word of Wisdom are so clear, why aren’t we instructed to eat this way as part of our religion?

By Jane Birch
Eat Right Tonight!

Think that healthy living is boring, expensive and time consuming? Think again! Today’s article includes snappy meal and shopping ideas to save time and money both now and later, along with a must-read book for the whole family.

By Carolyn Allen