Friday, October 24 2014


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Family Home Evening

What a Friend We Have in JesusBy Susan Elzey

One hymn instantly brings me back to the warm, fuzzy feelings of Vacation Bible School with memories of gluing cotton balls as Jesus finds His lost sheep on construction paper.

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Most Current Articles in Family Home Evening

It is Never Too Late to Change

Sometimes when children make mistakes and they face their parents’ ire, they may feel they are permanently damaged. Here is a lesson that teaches otherwise.

By C.S. Bezas
The Price of Admission

With some in the world selling lies that you can sin and experience no consequence, it might surprise some children to learn this is not true.

By C.S. Bezas
When Life Hurts

Sometimes life hurts. Are your children prepared to handle disappointment, setback, or sacrifice? Time for some FHE Fun to help build their skills in this important category!

By C.S. Bezas
The Power of Family

One of the most potent tools for happiness in the family… is the family. The Church has a new leadership handbook and is inviting all to study and learn from it.

By C.S. Bezas
Measuring Tools for Safety

Why do we have Family Home Evening? Why do we attend church? Why do seminaries and institutes exist? Why did God give us families? Because there is a war going on, and it’s not just physical.

By C.S. Bezas
Dead Bulbs and Bright Choices

Our children today are faced with many choices. Here is a simple Family Home Evening lesson to help them see how sweet gospel living illuminates falsehoods and protects them against destructive paths.

By C.S. Bezas
Why Be Clean?

Here is a simple Family Home Evening lesson to help your children understand the protection that cleanliness of spirit, body, and mind provides.

By C.S. Bezas
Why Family Home Evening?

With the beginning of the new year, it’s a great time to re-evaluate why we hold Family Home Evening and how to approach it so everyone can enjoy it!

By C.S. Bezas
No More Gloom and Doom

News reports seem to live off of “gloom and doom” reporting. Yet the Lord speaks otherwise. Ancient prophets looked forward to our day. Why? Time for a little FHE Fun!

By C.S. Bezas