Wednesday, October 22 2014


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No More Boring Family Nights! Video of Awesome And Easy Family Night Activities By Nicholeen Peck

Could the “cure of the common cold-hearted world” be as simple as having weekly family night activities and laughing and loving as a family?

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How Suffering Helps us to Help Others

"Why me?" This ubiquitous cry of the suffering displays an urgent craving for answers. We try desperately to find reasons for our pain; purpose will help us to endure our sorrows, while meaninglessness makes them unbearable.

By Jonathan Decker
Your Hardest Family Question: Should I tell my son-in-law to stop yelling at his kids?

We have a wonderful son-in-law that we love very much. Our concern is that he yells at his children, not in just a loud voice but in a THUNDERING voice that even scares my husband and me.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
Mormon and Childless

You may think that I still have time, that miracles happen every day, that I can “just adopt”, that I shouldn’t give up hope and that I just possibly need to relax and it will happen. That is simply untrue. Let me rewind.

By Katie Jennings
The Virus that Destroys Relationships

A virus lurks in our families, our wards and our marriages, and we may not even recognize the damage it is doing.

By JeaNette Goates Smith
Your Hardest Family Question: How do I protect my stepson from his mother?

I have a stepson living with me that has a very co-dependent relationship with his mother. He is being withdrawn and surly and sometimes almost a bully towards others. How can I help him?

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
Your Hardest Family Question: When should I ask for what I need and when should I go along?

Sometimes we need to accept our circumstances, perhaps shaped by our significant other. Other times, we need to stand up and say, “I would like something different.” How do I decide when to stand up?

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
Happy Campers

I’ve never really understood camping. Let’s spend money on all sorts of gadgets and state of the art technology and live outside for a few days even though all those same gadgets and comforts already exist in our own home.

By Margaret Anderson
Your Hardest Family Question: Should I confront my adult daughter about her affair?

I have a question for you about my daughter, my adult daughter and single mom of four, who I just learned a few days ago has been engaging in an affair with a married man.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
Your Hardest Family Question: My husband won’t talk to our kids during our separation

We agreed to set up a visitation, he only sees them for the weekly visits at his place, but never calls outside of that. Should I be worried about the kids having less contact with their dad?

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT