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Can Do Youth

When Being Likable MattersBy JeaNette Goates Smith

It’s easy to keep to yourself, mind your own business, go on living your life and take no concern for what the neighbors think, unless the neighbors are the ones you want to know about the gospel.

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Anger Gets Us in Trouble

“Anger can get us in trouble.” That’s what President Hinckley once said. And, oh, how many ways it might present itself…always clothed in dark feelings that cause harm. It is tied to how closely we can discipline self.

By Vickey Pahnke Taylor
For the Youth: To Avoid Your Enemy, the Devil

Would you like the good news first or the bad news? The world is an evil place, do you have what it takes to rise above and make wise choices?

By Marcia Hammond Ogden
Pre-Mission Dating: Who Foots The Bill?

Teenagers who want to go on dates should go dutch. Gasp! I can hear the sucking in of air throughout the blogosphere. Is it really a date if the guy doesn’t pay?

By JeaNette Goates Smith
Slow Down and Just Breathe

For some reason I figured that as I got older, things would slow down. Calm down. Simmer down. I was mostly wrong.

By Vickey Pahnke Taylor
How Do You Keep Your Youth Involved?

Religious involvement of teens and young adults overall has decreased dramatically over the last decade. Many surveys and reports indicate that young people are generally not as religiously inclined as their parents.

By Janet Peterson
Practice Makes Perfect

What character qualities are you working on right now to become more like Christ?

By Vickey Pahnke Taylor
Do Mormons do a Good Job of Teaching Abstinence?

Have we sent the right message and taught the proper lessons when teaching abstinence to teenagers?

By JeaNette Goates Smith
Can Do Youth: Genuine Compassion

When I had gone through some similar heart wrenching experiences, I understood. It gave me the ability to have compassion.

By Vickey Pahnke Taylor
Happily Ever After

“I know I’m supposed to start looking for a wife. But I don’t even know how to date!”

By JeaNette Goates Smith