Tuesday, September 30 2014


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Discovering the Word of Wisdom: We are Not Very Different from the Early Saints! By Jane Birch

I find the history of the Word of Wisdom interesting in light of the parallels between (1) how the early Saints viewed the Word of Wisdom prohibitions before they were mandated, and (2) how the Saints today view the rest of counsel in D&C 89, which is lik

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Most Current Articles in Family

If you could Teach Just One Thing

As I’ve pondered what to say to our children in hard situations, I think back at our parenting and hope that they each learned ‘something’ from lessons I taught them while they lived at home; something of how to experience joy as well as how to endure tri

By Joanne Rich
Your Hardest Family Question: Should I tell my son-in-law to stop yelling at his kids?

We have a wonderful son-in-law that we love very much. Our concern is that he yells at his children, not in just a loud voice but in a THUNDERING voice that even scares my husband and me.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
Do Your Family History in One Minute A Day And Change The Lives of Your Family Forever!

Each day, after we say our family prayers and read scriptures and work on our family weekly memorization we take a few minutes to read a part of a written history of one of our ancestors.

By Nicholeen Peck
How to Make the Best Chunky Monkey Cupcakes Ever

In our shop, we watch what food items people can't resist and keep coming back for. It's chunky monkey cupcakes.

By Dennis Weaver
The Magic 8 Ball of Parenthood

My children have a new Magic 8 Ball of sorts. Their baby brother can now officially talk and he knows two words and two words only. The curt “Ya” and a long drawn out “Nooooooooo.”

By Margaret Anderson
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Why the Preoccupation with the Prohibitions?

Learning to obey the prohibitions in the Word of Wisdom may only be a first step for Latter-day Saints.

By Jane Birch
Expelling Criticism from Your Relationships

Criticism is a form of emotional abuse that makes the victims feel small and you don't have to live with it.

By JeaNette Goates Smith
Circle of Sisters: Your Responses: What Should We Do to Stand Up for Marriage ?

Last week we asked you what we as Latter-Day Saints should be doing to stand up for marriage. Here's what some of you said.

By Joanne Rich
Turning Hearts: "You’ve Just Got to Go!”

Anticipation and excitement abounds in our house whenever we prepare for a genealogy field trip. Just wondering who and what we will find – and which new adventures await!

By Carol Kostakos Petranek