Tuesday, September 02 2014


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A September to Remember

September days are here! Invite the joys of autumn with healthy living, happy poetry and simple, silly celebrations.

By Carolyn Allen
Your Hardest Family Question: My husband humiliates me in public

When my husband gets frustrated or angry, he takes it out on me.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
You Can Help Your Children Succeed in School

Everyone wants to know: How do I help my children succeed at school?

By Nicholeen Peck
The Quest for the Best Scalloped Potatoes

We wanted to know everything we could about making scalloped and au gratin potato casseroles. We read what we could in our textbooks and began studying recipes. We tried lots of different things and here's what we discovered.

By Dennis Weaver
The First 30 Minutes

How do missionaries jumpstart a successful day? And why should we do the same? Here are 5 good reasons to make it happen.

By Carolyn Allen
“Be Careful What You Wish For”

The question I pose to you is, how do you handle the difference between what you wish for and even pray for and what you get? Or perhaps, how do you handle what you wish you were and what you are?

By Joanne Rich
Your Hardest Family Question: I’m being pushed away in my marriage

I’ve been married about 21 years. Six months after we got married we had our first child. When this happened, my wife utterly changed from being an easy-going person to being mean all the time. This was not the person I married anymore.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
The Ancient Art of the Asian Salad

When it comes to Asian dishes (especially the non-authentic), much of it is deep fried. So these salads are a way of getting that Asian zest to your meal without the onslaught of calories.

By Dennis Weaver
Four Lies Singles Shouldn’t Believe

If you're single and wondering why, these should not be part of your reasoning.

By Erin Ann McBride