Thursday, April 17 2014


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Simple Fruit Salads

One of the marvels of our time is that we can buy fresh fruit year around. Sometimes not all fruit is available, but there is always enough to make a good fruit salad.

By Dennis Weaver
Common Concepts in Counseling with Couples

Couples struggle with some common concepts when they come to me for counseling. They often want me to "fix" their spouse. Here are some ways to help couples begin to shift their thinking.

By Laura M. Brotherson, MS, MFT, CFLE
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Discovering Joy!

My understanding of the Word of Wisdom has been transformed. I have discovered there is so much more to this wise counsel than I had ever learned in Primary. As a result, I have also discovered the joy of fully embracing all of God’s counsel.

By Jane Birch
Turning Hearts: The Bomb in Grandma’s Attic!

My Uncle Ray died in World War II before I was born. But I got to know him through the keepsakes and memories in Grandma's attic.

By James W. Petty, AG, CG
Itch? Eczema? Aging Skin? LDS Doctor Finds Revolutionary New Skincare Solutions

If given her choice of a recreational activity, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting wouldn't choose skiing or biking. No, she’d curl up with a chemistry article and lose herself in a discussion of lipids or pH in skin health. Her love of science may change your life.

Pushing Up Daisies Alone

I have to get married. Why? Because I'm no longer eligible to be buried in the family cemetery. I need a new family who still has room in the graveyard for one more person.

By Erin Ann McBride
How to Live After Discovering Your Spouse’s Secret World

Discovering the secret life of your spouse’s addiction changes your understanding of your life so profoundly that you hardly know or trust anything you thought was true about yourself or your relationship story with this other person.

By Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT
My Journey Back to Health

I was horrified to learn I weighed 320 pounds. I had so much pain and sadness. How could I, a disciplined, hard-working person, have let my body get into this shape?

By Dian Thomas
Anger Gets Us in Trouble

“Anger can get us in trouble.” That’s what President Hinckley once said. And, oh, how many ways it might present itself…always clothed in dark feelings that cause harm. It is tied to how closely we can discipline self.

By Vickey Pahnke Taylor