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Elders D&C: PeepsBy Kevin Beckstrom

May it nourish and strengthen our bodies.

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Gags: Forgive and Forget

Was it forgive and forget? Or forget to forgive?

By Arie Van De Graaff
Sherlock Studies the Scriptures

Sherlock sees what no one else can.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Cartoon: Show of Faith

Telling the world by telling the world.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Cartoon: Scatter Sunshine

Just trying to do a good thing.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Cartoon: Golden Rule

That's one version of the golden rule.

By Arie Van De Graaff
Cartoon: Cold Cereal

That explains why they have the members sign up to feed the missionaries.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Cartoon: Samuel's Opening

We've got some real hecklers out there tonight.

By Arie Van De Graaff
Cartoon: Abraham Delegates

Sorting out who's in charge of what.

By Kevin Beckstrom