Tuesday, September 02 2014


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Cartoon: Prophetic Recruitment

Thinking about skipping Sunday School? Think again.

By Kevin Beckstrom
A New Twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Just when you've seen every ice bucket challenge, an Arizona stake presidency comes up with a surprise.

‘Saints & Soldiers: The Void’ Holds all Theaters and Expands on August 29

Go Films announced that due to the success of SAINTS & SOLDIERS: THE VOID’s opening weekend, the film will remain in all its opening weekend theatres and open in additional theatres on Friday, August 29.

Vocal Point Joins BYU Men’s Chorus in Stunning Arrangement of Favorite Hymn

James Stevens, who arranged this version of ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’ also steps in as the soloist. (VIDEO)

Review: Into the Woods at the Utah Shakespeare Festival

As an examination of the dangerous pursuit of "happily-ever-after" and the sometimes-tragic consequences of getting what one wants, Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods is a mixed bag of hit-or-miss comedy and drama.

By Jonathan Decker
My Brother, Gary Kapp, An Artist and a Gentle Man

My brother, Gary, is my favorite artist whether it be western art or religious art. Sure, I’m a bit prejudiced—how could I not be!

By Janice Kapp Perry
Saints and Soldiers- The Void Explores Racism in the Ranks

Like the tanks that figure so prominently in its plot, Saints and Soldiers: The Void lumbers along in need of a tune-up but nevertheless packs a wallop when it counts.

By Jonathan Decker