Wednesday, August 20 2014


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Saints and Soldiers- The Void Explores Racism in the RanksBy Jonathan Decker

Like the tanks that figure so prominently in its plot, Saints and Soldiers: The Void lumbers along in need of a tune-up but nevertheless packs a wallop when it counts.

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Backstage Graffiti: Artists of Alpine

Trevor Southey moved to Alpine. Gary Smith moved there. Pretty soon John Marshall lived there, and Mike Graves, and Wulf Barsch, and Neil Hadlock, and Frank Riggs, George Gruber, and Joe Heiner--all trying to make a living entirely from their art.

By Marvin Payne
Cartoon: Funny Investigator

I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Ambitious Religious Films Coming Soon

The Passion of the Christ unlocked the market for ambitious faith-based movies, and since then the genre has been, if you'll pardon the pun, born again.

By Jonathan Decker
Cartoon: Walked and Walked

Pioneer children could sing anywhere

By Kevin Beckstrom
MoTab Serenade for a Happy Day

Hear a medley of happy songs from the Mormon Tabernacle choir joined by Frozen star, Santino Fontana.

8 Great Mormon Pioneer Movies

As Latter-day Saints we are grateful for our pioneer heritage. In commemoration I'd like to offer my recommendations for brilliantly bittersweet films portraying this oft-overlooked chapter in American history.

By Jonathan Decker