Wednesday, October 22 2014


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New Mormon Message on Suicide Features Seth Adam Smith

Just released: new Mormon Message on suicide prevention says "Don't judge."

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Most Current Articles in Entertainment

Cartoon: Pilot Program

A new take on the Bishop's Storehouse.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Songs to Soften the Sad Times

Musically treating the subjects of death, depression, loneliness, sin and abuse is an interesting challenge, but the endeavor has taught me about our hope in Jesus Christ. Perhaps these songs can help to bring you the same experience.

By Janice Kapp Perry
VIDEO: EFY Medley From Around the World

In celebration of 15 years of the EFY medley, enjoy this video of it being sung by youth from all over the world.

Cartoon: Rainy Season

More diligent than the postal workers.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Cartoon: Jonah

"This sure beats tracting..."

By Paul Grundberg
Cartoon: Uplifting

The way we all feel after Conference weekend.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Cartoon: Clashing Helmet

The real questions missionaries ask.

By Kevin Beckstrom
Walk Beside Me: A Classical Take on the Children's Songbook

How do you top winning the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Guest Conductor Contest? By recording an album that becomes one of the top three best-selling CDs at Deseret Book in its first week.

By Carolyn Allen