Friday, April 18 2014


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Personal Voice

Easter ReflectionsBy Darla Isackson

The spiritual crescendo of Easter-time causes me to reflect on the lives of special people I’ve known that are now on the other side of the veil. May I share those special memories with you?

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The Big Questions and Little Questions of Life

All of us, at one time or another, are faced with soul-wrenching tragedy in our lives. What are some of these little questions which can become so challenging if asked in isolation of bigger and more important questions?

By L. Edward Brown
The Geography Debate

What are Mormons like where you live? Are they different than elsewhere?

By Joni Hilton
Backstage Graffiti: English Accent

“Pride and Prejudice” closed a few nights ago at BYU and I’m still struggling with speaking American (you know, like those chaps on the news), so I’m writing this in an aristocratic English accent. Please read along appropriately.

By Marvin Payne
A Visit To The College President

But one day I received a call that surprised me. My roommate, Bryce, answered the phone, and the lady told him she was calling from the honor office and needed to speak to me.

By Daris Howard
In The Big City

“Dad,” my son said from the back of the van, “you need to go faster. Everyone is passing us.”

By Daris Howard
The New Paint Job

The little white house down the street was old and the paint was peeling. The owner had put on a light green tin roof many years ago, but he had never done much more with it. We were excited when a new family bought it, and decided to renovate it.

By Daris Howard
Five Ways I Won’t Die

Being snowbound and alone for two whole days can get one thinking some crazy thoughts.

By Susan Elzey
The Setup

We did introductions, and then my wife asked them, “So how did you two meet?” Pamela, Jed’s wife, smiled. “It’s a long story.”

By Daris Howard
Being a Maasai Warrior (or Not)

They say that a Maasai warrior will die if he is locked up in prison. Maasai cannot cling to a sweeter past or the potential for a better future, they live only for the present. Take away his present, and you take away his life.

By Mariah Proctor