Wednesday, July 23 2014


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Line upon Line

The Woe, Woe, Woes of a Covered Dish Dinner By Susan Elzey

If I don’t show up the Morning of the First Resurrection, will somebody please come look for me in the kitchen?

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Most Current Articles in Line upon Line

Yard Work in the Kingdom of God: On False Conceptions about LDS Women

False conceptions about women in LDS culture are much like field bindweed. They serve to obscure doctrine and strangle our hopes of becoming a Zion society.

By Valerie Hudson Cassler
Falling to Heaven: Stung by the Truth

Commandments are given to us to awaken us to something—to both a problem and a need. The commandments that are hardest to keep at any particular moment are the ones that are calling us out of our deeper slumbers.

By James L. Ferrell
Next Time You Feel Worthless

Here’s another way to measure your value

By Joni Hilton
Calling Shots and Pulling Strings

I learned about agency one Sunday and it wasn’t in church.

By Gary C. Lawrence
Falling to Heaven: The Big Picture

Why do we need to turn to Christ? And how, exactly, does the gospel invite us to turn to him?

By James L. Ferrell
Soft Landings

Who are the battle-weary who visit your ward? And how are they greeted?

By Joni Hilton
Al Fox’s Husband on the Birth of their New Baby

"It wasn't until my wife got pregnant, and mainly it wasn't until my wife was in labor that I really started to understand who God really is."

Letters to a Former Missionary Companion

The first in a series of articles which represent a fictional dialogue between two former mission companions about an ongoing faith crisis with which one is struggling.

By Michael R. Ash
So What? Now What?: Overcoming any Adversity

The Lord wants us to have control of our lives, thoughts, and actions. Often we give away our control by the way we react to situations and circumstances.

By Gary and Joy Lundberg