Tuesday, September 23 2014


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Missionary Moment: He was Killed in a Head-on CollisionBy Mark Albright

When I first met them, they had been meeting with the missionaries for about 2 months. They were the happiest family and were making leaps and strides in the gospel.

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Missionary Moment: I Served a Mission, Now What?

It has been about three months since I received my release and returned home from the mission field. But ending a mission is only the start of a new beginning.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: Think – Do – Become

This week was zone conference and I received an answer to a question I've had my entire mission... how to "lose myself" in the work.

By Mark Albright
Why We Suddenly Have So Many LDS Missionaries from Zimbabwe

Why are there suddenly so many more missionaries from Zimbabwe? This is the remarkable story about what three women did to hasten the work.

By Maurine Proctor
Missionaries and Culture Shock

The stark contrast between the missionary’s life back at home and the harsh realities of life in their assigned countries can often cause missionaries to suffer from a severe case of culture shock.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: Heart Attacks and Missionaries

As we walked in, he was walking out, and as he was leaving I said, "Good afternoon Brother." He paused in his tracks, turned to face me, and with a deep harsh voice said, "Don't you ever call me brother!"

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: the Elders Gave Up TOO SOON

Sometimes the missionaries knock on a door, and a miracle happens. And sometimes you have to go chasing after them yelling for a Book of Mormon.

By Mark Albright
Missionaries at the Airport

When I'm at the airport and spot that familiar black name tag on a missionary coming or going, I always feel compelled to go up, thank them for their service, and find out where it is they're heading from or to.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: A Budding Scientist Writes from the MTC

We can learn from scripture through something like the scientific method. Identify your question. Hypothesize. Study it out in your mind, then you must ask me if it be right.

By Mark Albright
Ten Tips for Parents of New RMs

The first crop of younger missionaries are just starting to return—are you ready?

By Joni Hilton