Friday, April 18 2014


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Book Reviews

Falling to Heaven: The Surprising Path to HappinessBy James L. Ferrell

Much of the sadness and frustration we feel is actually created by our well-meaning efforts to find happiness. Relief can be found through a divine gospel paradox that rescues us from failed roads and puts us on the surprising path to happiness.

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Most Current Articles in Book Reviews

New Romantic Suspense from Jaclyn Hawkes

What does a romance, the high western desert, a dog named Zeus, and sheep wagons have in common?

By Jennie Hansen
All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood

Given all the challenges that go along with parenting, who in their right mind would purposefully choose to become a parent? Here's a guidebook to parenting that doesn't discuss child-rearing.

By Rachelle Funk
Good Intentions Can Go Awry in “Chances Are”

Traci Hunter Abramson moves into new territory with her latest novel. Known for her high action military, CIA, and FBI books, this latest book features a young woman dealing with cancer and a high profile baseball star may take her fans by surprise.

By Jennie Hansen
LDS Fiction: ‘Discovering Peace’ explores Life after Giving a Baby up for Adoption

Alison misses her baby even though she feels strongly that she made the right decision in giving her daughter two parents and the opportunity to be sealed in a forever family.

By Jennie Hansen
‘All Joy and No Fun,’ a Reflection on Modern Parenthood

There is nothing harder in life that parenthood. Given all the challenges that go along with it, who in their right mind would purposefully choose to become a parent?

By Rachelle Funk
LDS Fiction: Finding Mystery in Mexico with ‘The Madera Murder’

Ashley Delgado discovers her dream vacation in Mexico doesn't measure up to her expectations when she arrives with her attorney father at the rundown Madera Hacienda in Mexico.

By Jennie Hansen
LDS Fiction: ‘Longing for Home,’ A Well-Crafted Finish to the Hope Springs Series

In the past few years Sarah M. Eden has become a favorite of LDS readers, Regency Romance readers, and with the release of her Longing for Home two-book series, she has captured the hearts of Historical fiction readers as well.

By Jennie Hansen
LDS Fiction: Suspects Aplenty in Josi S. Kilpack’s Latest Book

Josi S. Kilpack loses no time jumping into the ambiguous questions surrounding a death that may or may not be murder in Fortune Cookie, the eleventh book in her culinary mystery series.

By Jennie Hansen
LDS Fiction: ‘Falling for You’ is Better Read on its Own

Sometimes reading a series of books out of order leaves the reader confused, but this was a rare discovery for me, a book I would have enjoyed more if I hadn't read the first book in the series first.

By Jennie Hansen