Wednesday, July 23 2014


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LDS Fiction: The Quantum Breach By Jennie Hansen

The Quantum Breach by Denver Acey is one of those books that changes the reader's view of computers and social media forever.

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Run for Your Life—A Tale of Conspiracy and Intrigue

Nominating a new judge squares off against energy interests in Washington DC in this new LDS fiction book.

By Jennie Hansen
America the Beautiful

America's history is full of heroes and important moments. It's also rich with God's blessings as it was saved for these latter days. Here are some books about our great country and some of the events and people that helped shape it into what it is today.

By Holly E. Newton
LDS Fiction: ‘Counting Candles,’ presents a New George Bailey

Anyone reading Counting Candles is likely to compare it to It's a Wonderful Life, that long time seasonal favorite of an ordinary man who becomes depressed because of his failure to achieve some grand success in life.

By Jennie Hansen
Young Adult Fiction: The Rebel Princess

This fun and completely delightful tale is filled with magic forests and mythical creatures. Author Janice Sperry has created a fresh, delightful book that is sure to become a fan favorite.

By Michele Ashman Bell
LDS Fiction: "Living it Down"

The author handles well the unrealistic expectation some people have of achieving perfection in this life. However I'm uncomfortable with many aspects of this emotionally complicated premise.

By Jennie Hansen
The Beauty of God’s Green Earth

The nicest season of the year to be outside is right now. Animals, plants and bugs all come alive in the warmth of the sun. Here are picture books that are good for all ages to help celebrate this season of nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

By Holly E. Newton
LDS Fiction: “Eastward to Zion” Tells of Pioneers from Down Under

From the beginning the reader understands that Eastward to Zion is a story of conversion and the hardships undertaken by those who traveled in the opposite direction of those who traveled from Nauvoo to the Salt Lake Valley.

By Jennie Hansen
LDS Fiction: ‘The Insider’ Author Keeps Getting Better and Better

It's exciting to see an author get better with each succeeding book. I've enjoyed Sian Ann Bessey's books since her first one, but she is one of those authors who just keeps getting better.

By Jennie Hansen
Books with Good Advice for the End of the School Year

Books are always great presents for celebrating the end of the school year whether it's the end of one grade or progressing on to the next level, or building to prepare for the coming year.

By Holly E. Newton