Thursday, April 17 2014


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Turning Hearts: The Bomb in Grandma’s Attic!By James W. Petty, AG, CG

My Uncle Ray died in World War II before I was born. But I got to know him through the keepsakes and memories in Grandma's attic.

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Most Current Articles in Genealogy

A Spiritual Gift of Translation: A Temporal Blessing

Reading foreign records is a barrier to most peoples’ family history research, and it surely is in mine. I was discouraged until I read the words of the Apostle Paul.

By Carol Kostakos Petranek
Genealogists can now find FamilySearch and WorldCat records through both online resources

Researchers can find libraries that hold needed information no matter where they start their search.

Turning Hearts: Taking Your Genealogy Viral!

When it comes to doing genealogy, there are days I wish I could be Superman. Think what a genealogist could do with such super powers!

By James W. Petty, AG, CG
Boy Scouts’ ‘founding papers’ digitized by BYU Library

Archive includes rough draft of first scouting handbook.

By BYU Media Relations
RootsTech Wrap Up

RootsTech recently concluded with nearly 13,000 people in attendance. That said, more people need to get acquainted with the growing offering of activities and opportunities in family history.

Full Steam Ahead for Family Search: A RootsTech Briefing

Three days + speakers + exhibits + new developments = RootsTech 2014!

By Carol Kostakos Petranek
Family History and Temple Work: Invitation to Joy

I have experienced the blessings of my small efforts in family history and temple work in profound ways in my personal life. I have also seen those blessings evidenced repeatedly in the lives of those I know.

By Darla Isackson
What is the Power of One Right Decision?

I’ve heard it said, “My decision is my own business. I’m not hurting or affecting anyone but me.” That is a lie of serious proportions.

By Larry Barkdull
Church's Works to Put World’s Historical Records Online in One Generation teams with major genealogy companies to index billions of records

By The LDS Newsroom