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Friday, April 06 2012

You Can Sing in an LDS Video—From Home!

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Calling all kids…and adults! Sing “I Am a Child of God” with Saints from all around the world in “The Articles of Faith for Families” DVD!

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You don’t have to be a great singer, you don’t have to be a grownup, and you don’t have to leave home to sing “I Am a Child of God” in “The Articles of Faith for Families” DVD. Make history with Saints of all ages from countries all over the world as they unite and honor Heavenly Father in song!

How? It’s easy!

1) Download the MP3 audio track HERE.

2) Videotape yourself singing along with the music, in any language.

3) Upload the video to us using the same website! That’s it!

All the voices and faces from around the world will be edited together, forming the We Believe Virtual Choir (formerly called the LDS Virtual Choir). You’ll be making history! It’s the very first worldwide virtual choir to include children; adults are invited, too. “The Articles of Faith for Families” DVD will show each of your faces singing “I Am a Child of God” and each of you will be in the credits. Saints from 17 countries have registered already, with more joining all the time.

The March 31st deadline for submitting videos has been extended to April 15, 2012 to accommodate submissions from outside the United States.

Click HERE to see a 2.5-minute video from KSL TV’s “Mormon Times” showing how easy it is to do.

AF Michelle King Mormon Times

Watching the DVD is a really easy, fun way to learn The Articles of Faith--and what they mean--with some talented kids, wonderful music by beloved composer Lex de Azevedo, charming motion-graphics animation, beautiful photos--and YOU in the worldwide We Believe Virtual Choir in the grand finale. The music is delightful; you’ll be singing the words of each Article of Faith before you know it!

AF DoowopsScene from Article of Faith #8

Throughout the years, Church leaders have repeatedly encouraged us to memorize and understand The Articles of Faith. It has always been important, but it’s especially important right now as more and more Church members are in the public light. At the beginning of this year, not one, but two members of the Church were running for President of the United States. On another note, an unflattering, potentially misleading musical satire entitled “The Book of Mormon” is on Broadway. More members of the Church are in the media than ever before. Such media coverage, whether positive or negative, fosters curiosity and questions about the Church. We must be ready to answer those questions! Media scrutiny creates a wonderful opportunity to teach and clarify the basic precepts of the Gospel contained in The Articles of Faith.

“The Articles of Faith for Families” is a family affair in many ways. At Lex de Azevedo’s We Believe Productions, it’s all about families—and in this family, there’s a lot of talent! Lex’s daughter, Emilie Brown, is the principal producer of the DVD. Lex’s son, Aaron de Azevedo, composed half the songs and has the monumental task of editing all the virtual choir videos together, and Lex’s daughter, Rachel Coleman, host of award winning “Signing Time”, co-wrote the opening song with him. With the focus on families, it’s no surprise that Lex’s grandchildren are among the many talented kids in the DVD. And, of course, YOUR family is sure to enjoy it.

AF LexLex de Azevedo

Singing in the We Believe Virtual Choir is a great way to pass off Merit Badge, Duty to God, Activity Days and Personal Progress requirements for music, technology, photography or service. (Be sure to check with your local leaders first.) Most of all, it’s a powerful way to bear testimony that we are indeed Heavenly Father’s children.

AF AaronAaron de AzevedoAF RachelRachel ColemanWhatever your singing ability, your age or where you live, you are invited to be part of this wonderful, historic, worldwide tribute to AF EmilieEmilie BrownHeavenly Father and The Articles of Faith.

“The Articles of Faith for Families” DVD includes a Bonus CD and is scheduled for release in September 2012. It is produced by We Believe Productions and distributed by Excel Entertainment, a division of Deseret Book Company.

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