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Steven Kapp Perry
Friday, September 03 2010

"From Heartache to Healing" by Colleen and Phil Harrison

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Written from real-life experience both painful and joyful, this new book by husband and wife writing team Colleen and Phil Harrison fills a gaping need as a resource for spouses and other loved ones of those dealing with sexual addiction.  In a frank and conversational style, the authors write together and then separately from their differing perspectives as man and woman, husband and wife, addict and spouse.

In chapters ranging from "What Is Addiction" and "I Didn't Ask for This!" to "Rebuilding," spouses will find spiritual advice on how to turn to the only one who can heal their hearts, help them not to take on responsibility that isn't theirs, and how to know if the addict is moving forward in recovery.  It's a book full of hope for those who may be feeling both helpless and hopeless.

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